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Moving Labor Agreement

Service Agreement

**Payment Terms:**

I acknowledge and accept that the final bill for my move will be determined by the actual number of hours taken to complete the job, multiplied by the agreed-upon hourly rate. If we have opted for a predetermined flat fee, that amount shall apply. It's important to note that a minimum charge of one (1) hour applies. Any prior estimates provided by Man An A Van were made in good faith based on the information I provided, assuming that my property is prepared for the move.


Upon the successful conclusion of the move, I commit to remit full payment to Man An A Van. Payment may be made in cash, via a certified check (made payable to Man An A Van), or through a credit/debit card transaction. In the event that it becomes necessary to pursue collection of outstanding amounts, I understand and agree that this agreement empowers Man An A Van to recover the determined sum, along with any accrued interest, expenses incurred during collection efforts, collection fees, and reasonable attorney fees.


**Damage Claims:**

While Man An A Van exercises the utmost care to prevent any damage during the move, unforeseen accidents can occasionally occur. In the event that any damage arises as a result of Man An A Van's services, they are fully committed to taking reasonable measures to facilitate repairs, compensation, or replacement for the affected items. I am aware that prompt reporting of such damage is essential. Therefore, should I observe any damage, I shall promptly inform the designated Man An A Van representative. The representative will then proceed to complete a comprehensive damage report before concluding the job. In the unlikely event that I discover damage subsequent to the move, I undertake to notify the Man An A Van office within 48 hours of the move's completion. I understand that Man An A Van will not entertain any damage claims until the final bill has been fully settled. I further acknowledge that Man An A Van assumes responsibility solely for items under their immediate care, custody, and control, and I willingly sign a Release of Liability to this effect.


By affixing my Name and email below, I affirm that I have diligently reviewed this service agreement, comprehended its provisions, and hereby agree to engage Man An A Van for the loading/unloading of my property in accordance with the terms herein.

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